Quadruple apartment

Double bed

Separate bedrooms

Own cubicles for equipment

Possibility to order breakfast

Room description

This type of apartment is located on the ground floor of the building. Each unit has its own terrace, which is open towards the car park under the cable car during the summer months. In the winter months it is separated from the surrounding area by snow and offers a pleasant “white” privacy.

The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. You will find a modern bathroom and a separate bedroom for children or other members of the expedition.

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Why choose accommodation in Rokytka?

Rokytka Snowhouse provides its guests with a modern way of recreational living in the mountains. The furniture in the rooms is custom-made by a carpenter, high quality, minimalist. There is plenty of storage space in the room for all winter equipment.

Rokytka Snowhouse is directly below the entrance to the cable car, so there is no need to worry about catching the ski bus. You leave the room in ski boots and come back on skis straight from the slope.

If you don’t want to cook for yourself, they will be happy to serve you in the nearby restaurant Kamínek, where they also prepare breakfast for our guests if you wish.

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