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Rokytka Snowhouse предлагает удобные и современные номера в Рокитнице. Среди наших гостей 21 апартаментов, которые практически оборудованные и обеспечивают комфорт для всех гостей.
Privacy statement

We, A.R.S. 647, s.r.o. with registered office at U Vozovny 525 / 2a, 10800 Praha 10, IČO: 03550745, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 230868 (hereinafter referred to as «ARS 647» or «we»), (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general the Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as the «GDPR»), and in accordance with our internal regulations and principles.
We are fully aware of the importance of the privacy and privacy of our contractual partners. We therefore always act as an administrator when we process personal data so that we:
• Processed current and accurate data, only to the extent necessary for the purpose of processing,
• process personal data only for a long time to meet the purpose of processing,
• maximally secure your personal information, in particular by taking appropriate measures to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access,
• Keep your privacy as much as possible, so we always duly assess whether processing is necessary and whether it is inappropriately interfering with your rights and freedoms.

Categories of personal data
We process the following categories of your personal information:
• Identifying and addressing information: name, surname, date of birth, identity card or travel documents, address of permanent residence, delivery address or other contact address,
• Electronic contact information: mobile phone, e-mail address,
• Other electronic data: IP address, cookies
• Additional personal information needed to provide accommodation services: camera system records, data from the access system to the building

How do we get your personal information?
We obtain your personal information from you or from your own activity. If we receive personal information from you, we will always inform you whether the provision of personal information is a statutory or contractual requirement or a requirement to enter into a contract or accommodation card, whether you are required to provide personal information and the possible consequences of non-disclosure of personal information.
We get your personal data from you personally:
• in personal or written communication with you, including email communication and through the web reservation form
• in order to prepare accommodation and accommodation services during their stay and termination
• we also collect personal data within our legitimate interests.

For what purposes do we process your personal information?
As we have already informed you, we process your personal data only to the extent necessary for the purpose and for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose. Once the purpose is met, we may, in certain cases, process your personal data for purposes other than those for which it was collected. We archive your personal information for a period of time specified by law or we keep it in order to meet your potential claims or to defend our rights and legitimate interests.
We process your personal information:
a) For the purpose of performance of the contract — provision of accommodation services,
b) For the purposes of fulfilling our legal obligations,
(c) For the purposes of our legitimate interests,
d) for business and marketing purposes based on your consent.

Ad a) Contract performance — provision of accommodation services
We process your personal data for purposes related to the performance of the contractual obligations of both parties, in particular for the purposes of the valid conclusion, performance, modification and termination of contracts and mutual communication. The provision of such personal data is therefore a contractual requirement.
For this purpose, the following categories of personal data are processed: identification and address data, electronic contact details, other electronic data, other personal data needed to perform the contract.
We process these personal data for the duration of the accommodation or accommodation services or related communications.
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Ad b) Compliance with legal obligations
Since we have a number of legal regulations, we need to process your personal information in certain cases.
Other duties

, for which we are required to process your personal data, are subject to other laws of the Czech Republic (for example, the Accounting Act or the Local Tax Act) We also process your personal data to comply with the requirements of the state authorities. For this purpose, the following categories of personal data are processed: identification and address data, electronic contact details, identity card or travel documents, other personal data needed to fulfill our duties, and any other personal data, as appropriate. Ad c) Our legitimate interests We also process your personal data for security, operational, administrative or other reasons related to our provision of our services. These are our legitimate interests. Based on these legitimate interests, we process your personal information only if your interests and fundamental rights and freedoms do not outweigh our legitimate interest. If you do not agree with the processing, you have the right to object and we will reassess the personal data and, if necessary, stop personal processing. For this purpose, the following categories of personal data are processed: identification and address data, electronic contact details, other personal information needed to provide accommodation. of the following legitimate interests: • Protection of property, life and health of persons entering our premises and residents. For this purpose, camera systems are installed in the immediate vicinity of our premises, and records of arrivals and departures are kept. You are always informed about the location of the cameras by information signs when entering the viewing area. Camera records are kept for a maximum of 3 weeks. If necessary, camera records can be passed on to law enforcement agencies or serve as a basis for solving other problems associated with providing our services. Except for this purpose, camera records are not processed or otherwise used. Records of arrivals and departures are kept for one year • Administrative purposes. For this purpose, we process personal data in connection with administrative support by supporting our services. We keep this personal information while you are staying. Ad d) Business and marketing purposes Based on your consent, we process personal data for business and marketing purposes. These include sending business messages, informing you of new services, and possibly using your unannounced reviews of our services (such as social networks). How do we access your personal information? We process your personal information as a personal data manager. This means that we determine the purposes for which we collect and process your personal data and determine the means of processing it. In some cases, in order to meet our legal obligations, we are required to provide your personal information to third parties who also act as data controllers. These include, in particular, the provision of personal data on request to criminal or administrative authorities. We also use the services of external processors to process your personal data. We use the following categories of processors: web site operator and administrator of our information system. We have entered into personal data processing agreements with all processors so that your personal data is guaranteed to the fullest extent possible. However, your personal information is made available only to the extent necessary and in the form necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this Statement. How do we process your data? We are fully aware of the importance of the privacy and privacy of our contractual partners. We process personal data in accordance with GDPR in a manner that ensures that your personal data is as secure as possible and can not be misused. Your personal data is processed by our authorized staff and processors as outlined above. We have taken steps to ensure that only employees and processors involved in processing your personal data have access to your personal data, and that these employees and processors keep confidential all the facts, data and data (personal or otherwise) that they have learned in the performance of your work.With all our processors of your personal data, we always enter into a written contract governing the processing of personal data, which contains the same guarantees for the processing of personal data as are observed in our company.What rights do you have in the field of personal data protection? transparently. At any time during the processing of your personal data, you may exercise the following rights: Right to access your personal data and to obtain a copy of the personal data we process. The right to correct and complete your personal data if you find that we are processing incorrect or inaccurate personal.

The right to delete your personal data (or the right to be forgotten). At your request, we may delete your personal information under certain legal conditions. Please note that your personal data may not be deleted if processing is necessary (eg there is a legal obligation to process).
The right to restrict the processing of your personal data. At your request, we may limit the handling of your personal information under certain statutory conditions. If you exercise your right to process restrictions and any of these conditions will be met, we will record in our systems that the data is subject to restrictions, and we will not normally actively further process such data. If the reasons for limitation of processing are lost, we will remove the limitation of the processing of your personal data. We will inform you in advance.
The right to revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.
If you believe that there has been a breach of your privacy laws, especially GDPR, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority or with another EU Member State authority responsible for overseeing compliance with the GDPR obligations. Office for the Protection of Personal Data, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, www.uoou.cz

You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data if the personal data are processed for the purpose of the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party,
In the event that you object, we will not process your personal data until we have shown serious grounds for processing that outweigh your interests or rights and freedoms, or for the determination, exercise or defense of legal claims.
In the event that any of the above rights is exercised in writing, we will inform you in writing of the manner in which your application is handled in writing without undue delay. Contact us in writing at the company headquarters listed above. We will also provide the relevant information at the premises in Rokytnice nad Jizerou No. 237, tel .: +420 727 865 374 or via nfo@rokytkasnowhouse.cz.

We continually review this Information Statement and we may occasionally change it (in particular, to ensure compliance with legal regulations and privacy practices) versions will always be available on our website.

Prague, 25 May 2018 Vladimír Kula, company executive

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